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CDR files and malicious software

CDR vector files by themselves do not typically contain viruses inside. Since CDR files are stored in a quite specific format which could be only interpreted by CorelDraw software it is not possible for someone with malicious intent to insert an executable code or a macro there. Still CDR files could become a target of malware attack.

There were multiple reported cases of a malicious software that simulates a crypto wallet application, but instead of expected crypto wallet acts maliciously and encrypts several files stored on the computers of its victims. The list of file types affected by this malware is long and includes vector image files such as CDR and many other file formats.

During encryption, this encryption virus modifies the desktop background and adds the .encrypted extension to each encrypted file name. Therefore, it is easy to determine which files have been affected.

Next, a text file is created that contains a message with encryption information called "Read Me (How Decrypt) !!!!. Txt" and places it in all folders containing encrypted files. The message in this file indicates that the files have been encrypted and that victims can recover them only if they pay a reward.

The developers of encryption viruses usually ask for Bitcoins, the amount of which is usually between 0.5 and 1.5 BTC. Using bitcoints guarantees hackers privacy of the action. Unfortunately, there are no tools currently capable of decrypting files affected by this encryption virus. Therefore, the only way to solve this problem is to restore your files from a backup.

Therefore, the recommendation is always to keep backup copies of your CDR work files as they are very susceptible to malicious software.

Also, we do not recommend sending money to the hackers. First of all, it encourages them to continue their attacks and second the chance of money just disappearing is very high.

For more information about attacks like one described above refer to:

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