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Repair a CDR file

You are reading this article because you probably have a damaged CDR file and want to repair it. There are several ways to repair a CDR file, either online or directly on the computer. All methods to repair a CDR file are based on a recovery scan of the file and then a report of the repaired data.

All repair services automatically analyze the internal structure of the damaged CDR file through a combination of special algorithms tuned specifically for CorelDraw data from different versions of the software.

It is important to notice that not every CDR file could be restored and it is always a good idea to keep a backup copy of any document file you are working on.

In most cases, the damaged file recovery services of CorelDraw, take into account the peculiarities of the data stored for the different versions of CorelDRAW. All recoverable data is identified and controlled. It is possible that some objects or relationships between objects may become broken during recovery, but unfortunately perfect recovery is not always possible and is dependent on how much data in a file was corrupted.

The idea is that any repair service or software is responsible for repairing CorelDRAW files to the fullest. The use of these programs is usually simple and would not pose any difficulty, even if you have never used such a tool before and do not know how to repair CorelDraw files.

The most common errors that a damaged CDR file throws are the following:

  • CorelDRAW file read error.
  • Graphics file opening error.
  • Suite file read error.
  • The CDR file contains an invalid file ID.
  • The file is damaged.
  • Memory error.
  • No valid path to the workspace was found.
  • I / O read error.
  • Error loading bitmap.
  • CDR file reading failed.

We reviewed several offline and online solutions for CDR repair and unfortunately all of them require a payment in one or another form. Based on our review the one available from is the most fair. The software they provide is available as a free trial where you can try to repair your CDR file and see a preview of repaired version. If you like how the restored file looks you can purchase the software to save recovered file. If due to some reason the software fails, you can still work with their technical support so they can help you restore the file. Make sure to read their refund policy at before proceeding with the purchase.

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  CorelDraw Vector File Format
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