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EPS or Encapsulated Postscript is a vector file format, which consists of Postscript code defining formulas and numbers that create a vector illustration. It is an essential file format for any type of design element.

The EPS file format is ready to print, but it is never usde directly in web design. Design elements in EPS format are generally embedded to other vector images which are transfered to printing facilities or further converted to PNG, JPEG or GIF for use on the web.

Design elements saved as EPS can be resized and loaded into any design program that works on the vector illustration. Therefore, the EPS is used for sharing with clients, printing companies or other designers working on the project.


AI is the native format of Adobe Illustrator. Every time you edit, save or open an ongoing project in Illustrator, you work with an AI file.

An AI file cannot be embedded in the web page and it is harder to share with your client because the file format is proprietary to Adobe Illustrator, but it is good for internal use.


PDF file format is the best of both worlds: both for digital distribution and for printing. PDFs can contain either raster or vector images, or even a bit of both.

You will probably never embed a PDF directly into a web page, but you can offer it as a downloadable file that can be read in any PDF reader. It is also a good file format to send a preview of the final design to your client.

However, this only really works for documents in the form of books, such as brochures or pamphlets. For print designs that have to be cut and assembled (such as presentation folders), it is better to use a mock-up or a prototype template.


The SVG format is the most popular vector format for the web. It allows you to display vector graphics on your web page and is lighter than a normal matrix image format.


A CDR is a vector graphics project created by Corel Draw. It works as a container with vector graphics stored next to raster images (bitmap) and text data, allowing the embedding of source data, raster images, overlays, etc. Supports multi-page documents and .VBA macros (Visual Basic for Applications).

In conclusion

For professional design projects that require high quality, especially in large images, CDR is the most suitable format, however it must be remembered that one of the disadvantages of CDR compared to formats like PDF is that CDR is a closed/proprietary format which means a low compatibility rate with programs other than Corel Draw and even with operating systems other than Windows.

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CDR Quick Info
  CorelDraw Vector File Format
  application/cdr   application/coreldraw   application/x-cdr   application/x-coreldraw   image/cdr   image/x-cdr
Opens with
  Corel CorelDraw
  Adobe Illustrator